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OK then! Accepting the fact that all web sites do have to have some links, here are a few of my favourites. There are a few below which illustrate that the art of homebrew is not dead. Amplifiers are a real interest for me. I found these sites while looking for information on Russian triodes (N2DX's site in particular is good for this). Enjoy!

Svetlana valves. Useful transmitting valves at very reasonable prices! Good technical data here too.

Great pictures of homebrew PA. Some designed for the full 10 Watts.

Martin G4FKK's site. A tidy shack plus the warm glow from a HB 813 PA.

Dave G3YXM's site. Lots of real gen on LF operation, plus details of solid state PA designs using low-cost power FETs. (Please note that 'low-cost' refers to the final design arrived at after blowing up a minimum of 4 pairs during development!)

Reg G4FGQ's site. Lots of free aerial and transmission line modelling software.

K4XL's Boat Anchor Manual Archive. A great on-line source of manuals for radios from yesteryear.

EI9GQ's Homebrew Radio Page. Great source of practical stuff. Best put the soldering iron on before following this link!

W7EL's Antenna Analysis Software. Home to EZNEC, including a free download of the new Windows version, useful for simple aerials.

N3EQF Logging Software. The DOS version even runs on my old 286 PC!

Planet Microchip. Home for free information on PIC chips (including 16C84 and 16F84 types) and a free download of the integrated development environment.

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