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Radio station G4CBQ/M scoops WACS award. Congratulations to Phil, now GJ4CBQ, who wins a free colestorol check-up and a spring clean to remove traces of chip fat from his always fine business, home brew mobile radio.


Conceived in 1977 to stem the boredom of listening to band noise, the Worked All Chip Shops (WACS) award quickly established itself as the definitive trophy. Copycat awards, organised by pseudo-official national and specialist interest bodies, could not compete and served only to attract those incapable of being 5 and 9 even in their own back gardens. Here, for the very first time, is the blow-by-blow tabulation of who went where, together with the fully audited results to end-1979.


These were conceived in a pub and continuously modified over a period of several pints. The complex scoring system served only to defeat attempts to keep track of who was ahead at any one time. 10 points were awarded for a confirmed QSO, with multipliers depending on how many were in the party and how many in the party were sober. Special bonuses were incorporated into the multiplier conditional on the presence of particular foodstuffs such as burgers (at the time considered a relative delicacy when pints >=6) and curry sauce (>=Madras hot). Penalties could be awarded by the judges for degraded audio quality due to eating while transmitting and for aerials being grossly off resonance.

Full results

Presented below are two tables, showing QSOs in detail and rankings. Congratulations to our illustrious winner, G4CBQ/M, plus those stations who fought a brave fight.

QSO in detail
Date Callsign Venue Location Points Multiplier QSO Total Notes
19/4/1977 G4CBQ/M King Do Derby 10 1 10  
26/4/1977 G4CBQ/M Stenson Fish Bar Derby 10 4 40  
6/5/1977 G4AEH/M Biffins Nuneaton 10 2 20  
10/5/1977 G4CBQ/M Tasty Fry Fish Shop Derby 10 1 10  
28/8/1977 G4CBQ/M Stenson Fish Bar Derby 10 4 40  
4/9/1977 G4DLB/M The Right Plaice Banbury 10 2 20  
9/9/1977 G3YTW/M Bills Nuneaton 10 1 10  
28/9/1977 G4CBQ/M Spondon Chip Shop Derby 10 1 10  
11/2/1978 G3YTW/M Bar-B-Q Glen Banbury 10 2 20  
17/4/1979 G4GFN/M Fleur de Lys Hall Green 10 1 10  
tbc G4CBQ/M The Chippy Derby 10 6 60 Chips & curry sauce
tbc G4CBQ/M The Manor Stapleford 10 1 10 Chips only
26/7/1978 G4CBQ/M Take 'N' Eat Beeston 10 1 10 Chips only
26/7/1978 G3YXM/M The Ocean Fayre Selly Oak 10 8 80 Beefburger (bonus) & curry sauce
Individual rankings at 31/12/1979
Ranking Callsign Cumulative Total
1 G4CBQ/M 190
2 G3YXM/M 80
3 G3YTW/M 30
4= G4AEH/M 20
4= G4DLB/M 20
5 G4GFN/M 10

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